What to expect in the camp?

Our goal ​is to help your kids take awesome lifestyle, landscape and portrait photos through interactive lectures and field trips.


Photography allows so many opportunities for teenagers to express themselves but before that happens, they need to master the fundamentals. Like all arts, it takes years of practice to master the skill. However, there are some secrets that help learners change their perspectives and learn the settlings of the cameras to adapt to the situation they're in. They will be able to see the difference after the camp, it's life-changing! Moreover, digital cameras allow immediate review of their work, and improve their skills exponentially. 

We understand that kids have shorter attention span than adults. The lectures are designed to be short, practical based, interactive and fun. Our learning center is located in the financial district of San Francisco (see below for the address). The building is a high-security one that requires an access card to enter, which means your kids are learning in a safe and modern environment. 

There will be two field trips in days 1 and 2 respectively and they have distinct objectives. In Day 1, kids will photograph San Francisco's iconic spots such as the Bay Bridge and Ferry Building. In Day 2, kids will take portraits of each other in the Golden Gate Park and Japanese Tea Garden under the guidance of the instructor. They will apply the theories learnt in the morning--the camera settings, photo composition and identify good natural lighting.  Throughout the two field trips, students would be provided with a set of equipment, including a DSLR camera, two lenses and a SD card (to take home) and camera bag. The instructor will monitor your kids' progress by giving them various on-location assignments.

Who is perfect for the Bootcamp?

Teenagers aged from 12-19 and are interested to learn photography.


Dec 27-29th​, 2017

The Itinerary

Day 1 (27 Dec 2017)
10am-12pm: Lecture--Understanding your camera; how to shoot on a DSLR; DSLR camera settings; understanding the Exposure Triangle I
12pm-1pm: lunch break
1pm-1:15pm: Walk to the Embarcadero Coastline
1:15-4pm: Field trip at the Embarcadero Coastline where kids will photograph the Bay Bridge at Pier 14, the Ferry Building and Pier 39 (Getting familiar with your camera; Landscape photography)
4:00pm-4:15pm: Walk to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco
4:15pm: Dismiss
Day 2 (28 Dec 2017)
10am-12pm: Lecture--Understanding the Exposure Triangle II; Lighting and Photo Composition; Photoshop I
12pm-1pm: lunch break
1pm-1:30pm: Uber to Japanese Tea Garden
1:30-3:45pm: Field trip at the Golden Gate Park, including the Japanese Tea Garden (Portrait photography)
3:45-4:15pm Uber to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco
4:15pm Dismiss at the lobby of Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco 
Day 3 (29 Dec 2017)
10am-12pm: Practical exam; Photoshop II
12pm-1pm: lunch break
1pm-2pm: Students will print their work
2pm-3:30pm Photo critique and presentation
3:30pm Dismiss at the lobby of 535 Mission Street, San Francisco
Where is our learning center (lecture venue)?
535 Mission Street, 14th Floor, San Francisco
(located in the financial district, 5 mins walk from Embarcadero or Montgomery Bart Station)
What would my kid(s) learn in the lectures?​
  1. The Exposure Triangle: 3 settings that you need to master in taking awesome photos under any condition.

  2. Shooting on a DSLR

  3. Setting focus points

  4. The color that matters--the White Balance.

  5. The Golden Rules for perfect photo composition.

  6. How to take great landscape photos and portraits?

  7. Case studies example: How to shoot good photos across different occasions? Say in an Italian/ Chinese restaurant?

  8. Photo editing


Equipment provided for each attendee during class: 


1) Canon T5 
2) Canon 18-55 F3.5-5.6 lens 
3) Canon 75-300 F4-5.6 lens 
4) Camera bag for carrying the equipment around

5) 8GB SD Card

Attendees need to bring their own laptop computers in Days 2 and 3 for learning photo editing. The computers need to have Adobe Photoshop installed.

Camp fee

$880 including 

  • simple lunches for days 1-3,

  • travel fees to field trip locations,

  • entrance fees to the Japanese Tea Garden and

  • costs of photo albums and prints

Limited to 10 participants

To ensure each learner receives sufficient attention from the instructor, the class is limited to 10 kids only. The class is personalized upon individual interest and goals. 

The Instructor

Christina Szeto is a HongKong-based wedding and lifestyle photographer who is passionately in love with taking precious moments in people's lives. She has also taught the course "Understanding Life Through Photography" in one of the top colleges in Hong Kong--the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She aroused students' interest in photography through interactive activities and trained them to see ordinary scenes with new perspectives. 95% of her students have continued to pursue advanced education in photography or have significantly improved their skills that would be useful in their daily lives, or even careers.

She recently moved to the States, bringing in her unique experience, passion and teaching skills that would help people take photos from a better angle. Her work can be viewed here.

What is not included?

-Insurance, please click here for the disclaimer.

-Laptop computers: attendees are required to bring their own computers in Days 2-3. The computers need to have Adobe Photoshop installed.





"6 years ago, I was someone whose life was so dull that I didn't do anything special apart from work and study. One day, my dad gave me a flyer which was a photography course recruitment ad. I signed-up for a basics photography class and it changed my life forever; one year later I became a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and then I taught photography in a college. 

A lot of parents in the Bay Area want to plan something fun and meaningful to fill up the weekends for their kids. We strongly recommend parents let their kids learn photography (click here for our blog--6 Reasons Why Parents Should Let their Kids Learn Photography). Photography is an art that allows young people to express themselves and see the world in a new perspective, it gets them out from their comfort zone to explore the world. I truly believe it is a hobby that changes lives, just like how it changed mine. 

If your kids are interested in photography, why not sign them up for a camp that they can learn, have fun and make friends? Plus, we provide a DSLR camera, lenses and accessories for each participant, which means you don't have to buy expensive cameras for your kids until they experience what photography really is."


Founder and Educator, Photosprouts LLC

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