Goal of The Workshop​

The Chinese New Year (JAN 28) is coming! 2017 is the year of Rooster.


The San Francisco China Town is the oldest and largest China Town in the States, and the celebration for the New Year is one of the biggest in the world. You'll see a lot of fascinating Chinese decorations around the New Year that it is the best time for you to learn about Chinese culture.

What are the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs and which one represents your year?

What specific greeting sentences would you say to wish your friends good health, prosperity and luck on the first day of the Chinese New Year?

Why do dragon symbols represent power and fortune instead of evilness in Chinese culture?​

How do you show courtesy and respect when you are invited for dinner by a Chinese family?

How do you introduce yourself in Chinese? How to pronounce your name in Chinese and what does that mean?

What are the traditional entertainments in Chinese culture?

How do Chinese herbal medicine, food culture and traditional entertainment interact with each other and reflect traditional Chinese values?

Photography is an art that allows you to express yourself and to see the world in different perspectives. This workshop is practical based and focuses on photo composition techniques, and at the same time enables learners to understand Chinese culture through photography. During the lecture, the instructor will introduce the essences of Chinese culture in daily lives, and share with learners various photo composition techniques that are specific to China Town. We want you to be able to tell a story through photography. For instance, how do you tell your audience that the Chinese people value harmony, relationship and family through your pictures? How do you frame with a wide angle lens to document the overwhelming joy in the Chinese New Year? After the lecture, we will walk to China Town and apply the skills we have learnt in class. The instructor will walk you through closely during the field trip and give you instant and honest feedback about your work.

What you'll see?

Traditional Architecture (e.g Bank of Canton and Bank of America)

Chinese New Year Decorations

Daily lives in Chinese people (e.g elderly people playing chess)

Chinese ornaments

Chinese foods (e.g. dried seafood, salted fish)

The wet market


Lecture (1 hour): 14th Floor, 535 Mission Street (5 mins walk from Embarcadero or Montgomery Bart Station)

Field Trip (2 hours): San Francisco China Town


1pm-2pm Lecture 
2pm-2:20pm walk to China Town

2:20pm-4:20pm Field trip in China Town

What would you learn in classroom? (1 hour)​
  1. Essences of Chinese Culture.

  2. Language arts: 5 sentences that you need to introduce yourself and greet each other in Chinese.

  3. Photo composition techniques specific to photographing the San Francisco China Town

  4. Telling a story through photography.


What do you need to bring?​

  1. Camera

  2. Lenses: wide angle lens and lenses with wide aperture

Are there any prerequisites? 

Participants are expected to know the basic settings of their cameras and be able to shoot in M Mode (manual). If you are a beginner, please sign up for our Fundamental Workshop in which you'll learn about the basic settings of the camera and how to shoot in M Mode. 




The Instructor

Christina Szeto is a HongKong-based wedding and lifestyle photographer who is passionately in love with taking precious moments in people's life. She has also taught the course "Understanding Life Through Photography" in one of the top colleges in Hong Kong--the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She aroused students' interest in photography through interactive activities and trained them to see ordinary scenes with new perspectives. 95% of her students have continued to pursue advanced education in photography or have significantly improved their skills that would be useful in their daily lives, or even careers.

She recently moved to the States, bringing in her unique experience, passion and teaching skills that would help people take photos from a better angle. Christina was raised in a Chinese family and speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. 




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