Goal of The Workshop​

Street Photography is a form of documentary art that allows you to express your views and to tell the story of the city from your perspectives. This workshop is an application-based and focuses on photo composition techniques that are specific to street photography.


During the lecture, the instructor Christina will explain what makes a great street photo in terms of lighting, photo composition and how you could transform your creativity into a photo. This class is for those who have taken the Fundamental Photography Class, or people who are already shooting in the Manual Mode. Christina will not only talk about the theories (which could make you fall asleep), she will give attendees a lot of class work and group discussions to make sure they develop critical thinking towards the topic.

After the lecture, we will take the bart to 16th Mission Street Station where we will put the theory into practice. Christina will stand side-by-side with the attendees, and help them observe the light, frame the stories occurring on the street and bravely click the shutter.

Please note that this is an advanced workshop in which attendees need to bring their own cameras and lenses.

What makes an awesome street photo?

  1. Interaction with the people on the street (even having eye contact)

  2. Good lighting, sheer contrast of the light and shadow

  3. Simple but compelling photo compositions

  4. Story-telling


Lecture (1.5 hours): Learning Center @ 14th Floor, 535 Mission Street (5 mins walk from Embarcadero or Montgomery Bart Station)

Field Trip (2 hours): Mission District


12:30pm-2:00pm Lecture on photo compositions and other tricks in street photography

2:00pm-2:30pm Bart to Mission District

2:30pm-4:30pm Field trip in Mission District

What do you need to bring?​

  1. Your own camera

  2. Your own lenses: wide angle or standard lens

  3. Extra batteries and memory cards

Are there any prerequisites? 

Participants are expected to know the basic settings of their cameras and be able to shoot in M Mode (manual). If you are a beginner, please sign up for our Fundamental Workshop in which you'll learn about the basic settings of the camera and how to shoot in M Mode. 




The Instructor

Christina Szeto is a HongKong-based wedding and lifestyle photographer who is passionately in love with taking precious moments in people's life. She has also taught the course "Understanding Life Through Photography" in one of the top colleges in Hong Kong--the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She aroused students' interest in photography through interactive activities and trained them to see ordinary scenes with new perspectives. 95% of her students have continued to pursue advanced education in photography or have significantly improved their skills that would be useful in their daily lives, or even careers.

She recently moved to the States, bringing in her unique experience, passion and teaching skills that would help people take photos from a better angle. Christina was raised in a Chinese family and speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Her work can be viewed here.


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