Creating Sense of Motion

Beginner 102 Photography Workshop

Equipment Provided

Current curriculum ends on Nov 23rd

Expanded curriculum starts in Jan 2020


  • Mastering the Manual Mode of any DSLRs by dialing only 5 settings


  • Knowing exactly how to correct the problems in your pictures by fixing a few settings

  • Learn different ways to create shallow depth of fields. Learn to capture movement creatively.

  • Breaking down complex theories into small units, and consolidating them progressively

  • Practical exercises in between each photography concept

  • Application oriented: general introduction to (pure natural light) Portrait, Landscape, Lifestyle and Street Photography during the field trip (plus compositional tips that allow you to take great photos under any conditions​).

  • One-day workshop for busy people.


  • Small class size: maximum 5 attendees in a class.

  • Equipment provided during class, including two type of lenses that allow beginners to understand focal lengths and perspectives.

  • Learning to use your own equipment if you already have one

  • Prerequisite: Beginner 101 Mini Workshop, or  proficiency in the semi-auto modes (Av, Tv and P modes, but full auto mode doesn't count)

  • This class is for adults only (18+)

Imagine attending a photography class that has 10 students and each bringing a different camera. The instructor will be busy helping each student figure out the settings, and time will be wasted. In Photosprouts, this will never happen as everyone is learning with a unified set of equipment, and the settings are transferable to other cameras once you understand the basics. Your time is maximized in building photography knowledge.

You before and after the workshop



Photos are blurry and out of focus

Photos are sharp, the subject is in-focus

Used auto mode; photos are too dark or too bright

Controlling your exposure creatively in the manual mode

Not able to use light to flatter the subject

Observe the light before you shoot. Use light to flatter your subject

Photos have too much distractions, lack of focus

Bad portraits: Not paying attention to the lighting, composition and settings

Taking well framed and sharp landscape photos in the manual mode

Taking beautiful portraits in the manual mode

Photos were poorly shot and constrained by conditions

Image is constrained by the situation

Taking awesome still-life photos everyday by changing your angle and creating deep/shallow depth of field.

Taking creative photos under any condition (even in a messy location)

On Location, Real Life Photoshoot Experience

Action photography

Creating Depth of Field

Improving Compositon

Taking control over the color tone


Should I sign up this class together with the Beginner 101 Workshop?

If you have no photography background, or are shooting in the Auto Mode, please take the prerequisite course, Beginner 101 Mini Workshop. Even you are already shooting in the semi-auto modes, we still encourage you to sign up for the Beginner 101 Mini Workshop to build up a solid foundation in photography.*

Do I get a discount if I sign up for the Beginner 101 and 102 together?

Yes! You can save $40 if you sign up for the Beginner 101 and 102 Workshops together. Use Discount Code "BUNDLED" when you checkout.

Can I use my own equipment?

Attendees are welcome to bring their own equipment, because it is also our goal to help them use their own equipment (if there's any) eventually.

We need everyone to start with the equipment that we provide, so the whole class can move at the same pace. At the same time, it is also easier to understand the basics with our equipment, and the settings are effortlessly transferable to other cameras once they grasp the concepts. Attendees can use their own equipment in the 2nd half of the workshop with the help of the instructor, and they will be amazed at how fast they pick up the settings.

Available Dates

For This AWESOME One-Day Workshop

(Limited to 5 attendees per class)

November 2019

2nd (Sat)

2 spots left

9th (Sat) FULL

16th (Sat) FULL

23rd (Sat)

1 spot left

Current Curriculum Ends

Expanded Curriculum Starts in Jan 2020

Quick Facts

Equipment provided: Canon T6 DSLR body + 2 lenses + 1 memory card (the memory card is for you to take home)

Classroom session (morning) in San Francisco Financial District 

(535 Mission St, 14th Fl, San Francisco)

Workshop time:

10am - 4:30pm

Afternoon Field Trip: Pier 14 (Bay Bridge), Ferry Building

Shooting in Manual Mode;

White Balance;

Finding Good Lighting;

Location Assessment;

Creative Photo Compositions;

Correcting any problems in the photo by fixing the exact setting

Tuition fee:


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