Photography For Stay-at-home Parents

Application: Food, Flower & Child Photography

  • Equipment provided throughout the workshop (Canon T6 camera bodies; 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 lens; 75-300mm F4-5.6 lens)


  • Pick up your passion while the kids are in school; turn your hobby into a business

  • Learn the basics of photography, shoot in the semi-auto and eventually the manual mode

  • Learn Food Photography: composition, lighting and styling



  • Learn to take awesome pictures of your kids everyday: portrait lighting, posing and composition

  • Learn to take stunning plant photos, and find inner peace through photography

  • Learn photo editing in Lightroom & Pixlr

  • Learn to train your awareness of light

  • Small class experience (maximum number of attendees: 6)

  • Application oriented, apply immediately to real life settings

  • 100% Instructor-led


We provide the food for the Food Photography Session.



*We need at least 3 attendees to launch the class. The class will cancel if there are fewer than 3 attendees, and those who have registered will get a full refund*

Workshop Dates

October Workshop

Session 1: 10/8 Tuesday

Session 2: 10/10 Thursday

Session 3: 10/15 Tuesday

Quick Facts


Sessions 1 & 3:

535 Mission Street, San Francisco (5 mins walk from the Montgomery Bart Station)

Session 2:

SF Botanical Garden


Session 1: Basics of photography Session 2: Portrait & Flower Photography

Session 3: Food Photography

& Photo editing

Time of each session


Maximum Class size


Equipment provided

Canon T6 or T5 bodies + lenses

Tuition fee


$330/person (you+a friend)

*entrance fee to the Botanical Garden is included*

What will you learn?


Session 1

Basics of photography

  1. Learn the 5 core settings that allow you to shoot confidently in any camera

  2. Shoot on a DSLR in the semi-auto (Av, Tv and P modes) and the manual  modes

  3. Hands-on practice on creating shallow depth of field (blurred background) and capturing motions

  4. Field trip to Embarcadero Coastline

  5. Correct any problems in the picture by dialing the exact settings

Session 2

Part I: Portrait Photography

  1. Immediate application: child photography

  2. Portrait lighting

  3. Posing and composition

  4. Capture your subject's candid and authentic smiles

  5. Take stunning portraits in indoor and outdoor situations

*Attendees will model for each other as we won't be having kids model in this session*

Part II: Plant Photography

  1. Take stunning flower photos that you will be VERY proud of 

  2. Remembering the 3 basic rules and start to take flower photos professionally

  3. Connect yourself to the nature and find inner peace

Session 3

Part I: Food photography

  1. Lighting, styling and composition

  2. Creative thinking: using whatever tools you find in the kitchen to modify the lighting

  3. The food (pastries) used in this class will be provided by the instructor

Part II: Photo Editing (Lightroom and Pixlr X)

  1. Photo editing and organization

  2. Attendees will need to bring their own laptop computers.

  3. Attendees are recommended to install Adobe Lightroom in their computers. If not, they can use a free online editing tool, Pixlr X (with limited features)

Remark: The class took place in a rainy day; there wasn't any strong natural light near window when we took the croissant and pastry photo. These photos were illuminated by an off-camera flash that replicated natural light.

If the class happened in a rainy day, attendees would learn how to make artificial light from the flash look just like natural light. In a sunny day, we will use light modifiers to soften harsh natural light.

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