Pre-workshop Quiz


1. In taking portraits or headshots, using aperture size F1.4 yields a more desirable result than F2.8 because it has a larger aperture.



—> False


2. The purpose of using GND (graduated neutral density) filters in landscape photography is to

  1. separate the cloud from the blue sky.

  2. reduce reflection, increase the contrast and enhance the color of the photo.

  3. darken the bright sky in high-contrast situations, so both the sky and the land are correctly exposed.

  4. gradually correct the white balance of the photo, allowing a cold tone to flow in and balance the overly-warm tone. 

—> C


3. You are attending a wedding banquet in a traditional Chinese restaurant where the lighting is always red/yellow, you are taking the pictures of the food (because they are so good!), you should set your white balance to

A. 5000K

B. 6000K

C. 2000K

D. 3500K

—> 3500K


4. The first setting that you need to change when you're moving from indoor to outdoor, or vice versa is

A. the aperture

B. the shutter speed

C. the ISO

D. the focus point

—> C


5. You are photographing a close-up shot of beautiful model. You want the subject (the model) to look sharp with a blurred background, you should 

A. set the metering to center-weighted 

B  use small aperture

C. use a telephoto lens

D use a wide angle lens

—> C


6. Reorder the below F values in increasing aperture sizes (smallest —> largest):

F8, F18, F1.8, F4, F5.6, F2.8



—> F18, F8, F5.6, F4, F2.8, F1.8


7. The problem with high ISO is

A it creates noise in the image

B. it changes the white balance to yellow tone

C. it makes it hard for the camera to focus

D. it allows excessive light coming into the camera

—> A


8. The equivalent focal lengths of a 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 lens in a Canon 70D are:

  1. 18-55mm

  2. 27-82.5mm

  3. 28.8-88mm

  4. 27-88mm

—> C


9. The equivalent focal lengths of a 14mm lens in a Canon 5D Mark IV are:

A. 22.4mm

B. 28mm

C. 14mm

D. 21mm

—> C


10. Which picture was taken with a slow shutter speed?

A. silky water fall

B. normal water fall

—> A

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