ONE Important Tip for Wide Angle Users

February 1, 2017


F8, 1/500s, ISO400


Wide-angle lens allows photographers to shoot with a broader perspective.  They are typically referring to the lenses that have 14-35mm of focal lengths.

Wide-angle lens distort the physical relationship between the objects, so you have to be prepared for all the surprises they give you!


However, applying the distortive and exaggerating nature of wide-angle lens enables you to shoot truly amazing and stunning landscape photos.


The secret of using wide-angle lens to shoot excellent landscape photos is to find a foreground that extends and leads your eye to a broader perspective. In this example the ice (the foreground) is leading your view to the lake and the mountains far away. Most importantly, the ice track appears to be wider and longer then it used to be due to the distortive nature of wide-angle lens.


NEVER try to frame everything you see with a wide-angle lens, as the photos would lose focus and look very messy.


What should you be careful about when you are in the picture, and the photographer uses a wide-angle lens? You should avoid standing at the corners because you would appear conspicuously over-sized or physically distorted in the photos. So, remember not to stand at the corners in group photosJ

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