6 Reasons Why Parents Should Let Your Kids Learn Photography

March 17, 2017

Photosprouts is launching a 4-day Summer Camp for Teenagers!

We always take pride in inspiring the world with photography tips!


The 4-day Summer Camp includes intensive photography lectures, 3 field trips to Embarcadero Coastline (Ferry Building, Pier 14 and Pier 39), Baker Beach and Golden Gate Park (Japanese Tea Garden), and one photo editing class. Apart from teaching participants how to operate a DSLR camera, we would also emphasise on art sense, photo compositions and the impact of light in photography. After all, light is every in photography! Each participant will be given a DSLR camera body, a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens; the instructor will explain how they could make good use of the property of different lenses to take great landscape and portrait photos. Everytime we see the newbies start taking stunning photos and change their perspectives as a result of intensive practice, our hearts are filled with joy and satisfaction. 


Why You Should Send Your Kids to A Photography Class?


Reason 1: Developing Art Sense and Appreciating What's Around Them


You want to fire the shutter when you see something beautiful--a colorful butterfly landed on a yellow flower petal, a glittering lake surrounded by arrays of trees, a giggling toddler who just smashed his first birthday cake... photography is about capturing the moment that moves your heart! It's an art of documenting what you see from your eyes and heart. Materialism cannot satisfy human soul, as parents we want to give the best to our kids, one of them is helping them develop the ability to appreciate the world.



Reason 2: Geometry and Creativity


An important concept in photography is to compose your photos with surrounding geometrical patterns such as grids, lines and curves. This is how great photographers take their masterpiece portraits, landscapes and street photos. Not only do kids need the sense of art, they would have to use spacial and abstract thinking to construct the photo mathematically in their minds so that the photos would look comfortable in human eyes. The process sharpens their young minds, making them more creative to produce work that are unique and intriguing.





Reason 3: Exploring The World and Learning Life Skills (instead of video-gaming at home)


How many times did you get pissed off by the fact that your kids were hiding themselves all the time in their rooms, that they were as if trapped in their own world? You want to try everything to get them out of their rooms and interact with real people, you want to occupy their leisure time with something that is meaningful. Kids nowadays have to face challenges from a world that is more twisted than that in our days, they have to step out and see the world. Photography, especially street photography, help them observe what's around them and express what they see through light and shadow. Landscape photography, on the other hand, encourages kids to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their minds and souls in the tranquility of nature. Many good inner qualities that lead to a fuller and positive life can be trained through photography--perseverance, patience, kindness, sympathy and humbleness. I don't think parents of a photography lover would ever have to yell at them to get them out of their rooms, they would do it proactively with a camera in their hands. 




Reason 4 : Building up their confidence


Recall the moment that someone gave you compliments to something you made. It feels good and rewarding right? And you want to do again, and do better. Same in kids, they need recognition and encouragement to bring out the best in themselves. Sign them up in a good photography workshop, participate in a photo contest, blow-up their work in a 10x10" canvas and show it off in the living room. Help them keep doing what they love!



Reason 5: Meeting Friends Who Share The Same Passion


My social network grew ever since I took up photography. Why? I signed up for classes and met real people in the classrooms and field trips. I participated in different photography events for hobbyists and met more people. Then, I contributed my photography skills in various voluntary work and met professionals. What's next, I became one of them and now I am able to change my passion into a job that supports my living.  Life affects life, it is important to surround your kids with friends who share the same hobby and passion, in which they can learn and support each other.




Reason 6: Mindfulness and Peace


Sometimes, things just don't come out as planned. You hiked for 3 hours to take sunset photos in Yosemite, the magic hour didn't come as planned because it rained. Sounds familiar? It doesn't necessarily happen to photographers, but it happens in life that everyone has to live with. Learn to stay positive, learn to be flexible, learn to make peace and create something new with whatever resource you have. One thing that photography teaches me is, I have to be present, be aware of my consciousness and trust that it would all work out OK. Kids are smart, and the smarter they are, the more they have to listen to their inner voice. Photography is an art, a skill and a philosophy that is necessary to develop an all-rounded person.
















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