How to change your perspective (only) and take stunning photos?

September 17, 2017



You change your perspective because you know what's missing in your photos, and you are strategically looking for background, lighting and props that change the game.



Photographing a wedding is very challenging because you don't know what situation you would have to deal with -- you might have to take photos in a low light, or a messy, crowded condition.


And you have to work really fast! 


Typically, photographers would shoot the bride's jewels, heals and wedding dress when she is doing her makeup. After 15 mins they have have to run back to the bride's room and take some shots of her applying makeup (and you don't want to do the makeup shots at their initial stages).


How do you take great photos out of ordinary settings? And do it fast?  


This is the condition that I was given:




And I have 5 mins to photograph the rings:


I looked around to find backgrounds or small props that I can use in the house.



There were fresh roses around. Yes!


I tried to place the ring on the rose pedals but it didn't because the pedals were to soft to hold a heavy ring. Then I took a shot like this:




It wasn't ok because:


1. The photo looked too yellowish

2. Placing the ring on that table wasn't a good idea to start with because of its texture and yellowish color

3. Although there was reflection of the rings on the table, you barely see it




When you know what's wrong, it is a good news because you can fix it. However, you have to know HOW to fix it -- you gotta have the skills.


I moved everything to the glass TV table nearby and changed the game:


I placed the rings on the spot where the blue cup was.


And I got a fantastic shot like this:


I love this photo because


1. the red color of the rose was able to pop out in a  black background

2. I looked for reflective objects like glass and water surface. Your photos would look more stunning when you incorporate reflections into the composition.


What I did was something very simple; I was still in the same room but I strategically looked for reflective objects such as a glass table (remember: glass is your best friend).


When you are able to just CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE, your photos will improve drastically!


The camera settings? I am going to reveal the 5 settings you need to master any DSLR camera in my signature Fundamental Photography Workshop.


The Fundamental Photography Workshop is a one-day workshop that is designed to help beginners master the manual mode of ANY DSLR camera. I would also share some tips on creative photo compositions and finding good lighting--techniques that wedding photographers use.


Each class will have no more than 5 attendees so you will get sufficient attention.


I have coached enough beginners to understand their needs, you can trust me to help you.


After the workshop, you will feel a lot more confident to take the photos you love!


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