Hongkong is a Paradise for Street Photographers

June 9, 2018

What would you first think of when you heard about the word "Hongkong"?


A city where Christina was raised? Yes.


A once British colony and now part of China? Yes (A tip for American readers: Hong Kong people have very strong identity but mixed feelings, make sure you introduce a Hongkonger as someone from Hongkong, not China. We love Chinese culture although we not so patriotic in general.)


A food paradise. Err... partly true, a lot of great chefs have moved to China or Canada (a long story...)


Hongkong is definitely a paradise for street photographers! (yay! yay! yay!)


I have never truly appreciated the city where I was raised until I moved away from her. Coming back home after a while sheds a new perspective and I found my mother city very picturesque. I suppose this happens to everyone; when you are too familiar with something or someone, you feel numb. Keeping a distance, or moving to a different culture allows you to see old stuff from a fresh new angle.


As a photographer, I've learned to see the world in the form of geometries. I am sensitive to lines, diagonals, frames and shapes. At the same time, I love to observe how light moves, where it comes from, if it ever gets diffused, how strong it is compared to different times of the day.


All I have been searching is everywhere in Hongkong, my home! Can you feel my heart dancing?








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