Fun Photography Activity To Do At Home When The City Lockdowns

March 19, 2020



It is the best for everyone to stay home until the situation is under control.


Looking for photography ideas?


There are still a lot of things to photograph at home.


If you are a beginner who has just learned the Exposure Triangle, you can practice capturing the sense of motion, controlling the depth of field and observing the light.


Advanced level photographers can experiment with flashes and even build a home-studio.


Even though we have to reschedule most of our instructor-led workshops, we are not going to do nothing. Instead, we would like to suggest fun photography activities for everyone to do at home!


Today we are going to do this high shutter speed activity.






Where to set up the shot?

Any indoor area that is close to the window



1) A glass of water 

2) a dice/ small figurine


Camera settings in the Manual (M) Mode

ISO: 3200

Shutter speed: 1/500s

Aperture: F4

Drive Mode: Continuous (burst mode)



Step 1: Set up the shot

Step 2: Dial to the above camera settings

Step 3: Have someone be ready to drop the figurine

Step 4: Set the focal point on the figurine

Step 4: Press the shutter half way down to lock the focal point on the figurine

Step 5: Press the shutter all the way down and hold it to shoot in the burst mode. 

Step 6: Drop the figurine







My confession: I broke a glass





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