Charades Game Using Long Shutter Speeds

March 25, 2020

Photography for Stay-at-home Heroes



Light Painting is to paint in the dark with a flashlight while the camera shutter is being left open for a long exposure photograph.



There is this saying:


For the first time in human history, we can SAVE THE WORLD by doing nothing but watching TV at home.


Entering the second week of the quarantine, we hope to keep all Stay-at-home Heroes engaged with simple but fun photography ideas.


Light Painting is a fun photography activity that you can play with your family; while one person paints, the others can guess what word/ object that this person is painting. The answer will be revealed in the camera.


Yes, it is exactly the Charades Game at an artistic level. 




How to do Light Painting at home?






1. Dial to the Manual Mode (M)
2. Shutter speed: 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds, depending on how much time you need to paint. 

3. Aperture: Smallest, say F22

4. ISO: Lowest, say ISO 100

5. In Drive Mode, set the camera to a 10-second self-timer

6. Set your lens to manual focus (MF)

7. Zoom your lens to a wider focal length so you have a bigger "canvas"




1. Flashlight or LED finger lights





Step 1: Set your camera on a tripod. If you don't have a tripod, you can use a coffee table and any resources at home to stabilize the camera.


Step 2: Dial to the above settings.


Step 3: Focus manually by rotating the focus ring on the lens. Focus on where you'll be standing.


Step 4: Switch off all the house lights, make sure the room is completely dark.


Step 5: Press the camera shutter all the way down. Note that you don't need to half-press the shutter to grab the focus as the lens has already been flipped to Manual Focus (MF).


Step 6: Get yourself ready in front of the camera. You have 10 seconds.


Step 7: The camera starts to take picture after 10 seconds. Paint the word/ object with the flashlight. You need to finish before the shutter closes.



Great Tip:


For letters that are not "linked", say "E", "A", switch off the flashlight to paint a part of it and then turn it back on the complete the whole letter.





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