Food Photography

Styling, Framing and Lighting


  • Learn how to style foods


  • Coordinate the colors of the the props and tablewares to make your subject look photogenic

  • Learn the camera angles and the three core compositional rules that allow you to shoot creatively

  • Learn how to illuminate your subjects with and without natural natural light: 

    • Modifying natural light​

    • Add a continuous light

    • Add an off-camera flash that make it look as good as natural light

  • Food, placemats, napkins and tableware provided during the class

  • Light & airy + "Dark" food photography

  • Photo editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (paid software) or Pixlr (free software); attendees need to bring their own computers

  • Small class size (average 6 attendees)

  • Lighting equipment provided during the class

  • Attendees are required to bring their own equipment (camera and lenses). Lens with equivalent focal lengths range from 50-70mm are the best for this class

  • Prerequisite: Beginner 101 & 102 Workshops, or proficiency in the camera's manual mode

  • Maximum number of attendees: 8

  • This class is for adults only (aged 18+)

Workshop Date

April 19th 2020 (Sunday)


Quick Facts about the Workshop

Food styling and color coordination

Adding artificial light when there is no natural light available

Light & airy food photography

Workshop Time: 12pm-5pm

3 Core compositional rules 

Food, tableware and lighting equipment provided

"Dark" food photography

Modifying natural light


535 Mission Street, San Francisco

Photo editing (Lightroom Classic CC or Pixlr )

Tuition fee: $300

(cost of food included)

Small class size, instructor-led

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Your Road to Professional Food Photography

Learn different camera angles, core compositional rules.

Dial to the right camera settings and use the most desirable focal length.

Modifying natural light

Add an off-camera flash when there is no natural light available, and make it look just like natural light.

Dark Food Photography using Natural Light

Dark Food Photography using an off-camera flash

Lifestyle Food Photography

Photo editing in Lightroom Class CC (or Pixlr if you prefer using a free software)

Behind the Scenes & 

Students' Work



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