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Advanced IPhone

Photography Workshop

Lenses Provided

San Francisco

  • This class is for anyone who ever takes photos with an Apple or Android Smartphone, including photographers who normally use a camera.


  • There is no Beginners' IPhone Photography Workshop: This class is called an Advanced IPhone Workshop because everyone already knows how to snap a photo with their smartphones.



  • Learn to take amazing photos, just like with a camera.

  • Recognize great photo opportunities everyday.

  • Technical knowledge:

    • Set and lock your focus​

    • Set your exposure correctly and lock it

    • Focal lengths and how they affect the look of your photos

    • What different Iphone cameras can and cannot do?

  • Unlocking the secrets:

    • Creating depth of field (blurred/ sharp backgrounds) in many different ways

    • Use the Portrait Mode properly

    • Why having a telephoto lens is important

    • Long Exposure Photography

    • Editing

  • Creative shots:

    • How do professional photographers compose their shots?

    • Look for the best lighting for different types of photos

    • Knowing exactly what to look for and capture photos that you don't normally see with the eyes.

    • Getting the perfect angle

    • Fisheye photography

  • Application and photowalk: Still-life, plant, long exposure, portrait and street photography in San Francisco Inner Financial District and the North Beach Area.

  • Lenses provided during class: Fisheye, Wide & Macro


  • Extra Lens (Telephoto) provided for IPhones 11, XR and 8 users as they are missing the telephoto lens.

  • This class is for adults only (18+)


How is the IPhone Photography Workshop different from any camera workshop?

Cameras and smartphones are just devices for you to take pictures. Photography is an art of lighting, framing and living in the moment. Using smartphones instead of cameras to take pictures might be easier and more convenient for some people; and in this workshop you'll learn how to compose creative shots, identify great photo opportunities everyday, just like in a typical camera class.

Is this workshop useful for someone who normally uses a camera?

Yes! Even professional photographers have to use their smartphones in some occasions:) We don't always bring a camera but smartphones are always with us wherever we go. Learning the key differences of taking pictures with smartphones and cameras will sharpen your skill in both worlds. 

How is an IPhone camera different from a traditional camera?

There are three major differences: 1) resolution & image quality; 2) focal lengths and 3) depth of field

Understanding how your smartphone camera works allow you to shoot like pro.

I cannot get the kind of photo that I want with an IPhone, why?

What your naked human eyes can see is different from a smartphone camera. Similarly, because of the difference of focal lengths, your smartphone doesn't necessarily see the way it is as in a camera. In this workshop you will learn the basics in photography and understand why smartphones sometimes fail to take the photos that you want and how to fix it.

Can Android users (Google, Samsung, LG, Huawei etc) sign up for this workshop?

Yes absolutely! We are teaching the art of photography with a smartphone. All the lighting, optics, framing and exposure techniques are the same across different models and platforms. However, for the technical aspect of (E.g the Portrait Mode) this class, we will only share IPhone specific knowledge.

Are the lenses provided compatible with Android smartphones?

The lens are compatible with Iphones, Ipads and most Android Smartphones.

Why is a telephoto lens provided only for Iphone 11, XR and 8 users?

Unlike other recent models, IPhones 11, XR and 8 are missing a telephoto lens.

Iphone 7+, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max all more than one lens, one of which is a telephoto lens.

Quick Facts

Lenses provided:

  • Fisheye

  • Macro

  • Telephoto (Iphones11, XR and 8 users only)


  • Technical knowledge

  • Focal lengths

  • Creating depths

  • Long exposure

  • Editing

  • Lighting & compositions

Classroom session: 

535 Mission Street, San Francisco

Application & Field trip:

Portrait, Still life, Fisheye, Macro & Street Photography @

  • North Beach Area

  • SF Inner Financial District


  • 12pm-4:30pm

Tuition: $150

Workshop Date in


San Francisco


What will you learn?

Technical Knowledge 

  • Set and lock your Focus and Exposure (Brightness)

  • Focal Lengths of Iphone cameras & how they affect the look of your photos

  • Incorporate photography in your everyday life

Short focal length (wide)

Portraiture in the Portrait Mode

  • Maximizing the Portrait Mode

  • Composition & lighting for awesome portraits and selfies

  • Lighting

  • Focal lengths & depth of field

Depth of Field & Focal Lengths

  • Depth control for all smartphone models

  • Creating depths in Iphone XR even without a human subject

  • Creating depths in Iphone 8

  • Changing focal lengths and perspectives

  • Application: Plant, Still-life, Pets, Macro Photography

Street Photography Everyday

  • Composition & Lighting

  • Depth of Field

  • Lighting

  • Knowing exactly what to look on the street for framing your shots

Long Exposure Photography

  • Your Iphone is capable of doing long exposure photography.

Fisheye Photography

  • Identify the best scenes for fish eye photography

  • Composition

  • Viewing the world from a different perspective

Example: One big problem with Smartphone Photography


  • Follow a few simple steps and turn an ordinary photo into a great one

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