Lightroom Bootcamp

  • Learn how to manage and organize photos in Lightroom Classic CC

  • Learn the workflow from professional photographers:

    • Rate and filter your ​photos

    • Build Collections & Smart Collections

    • Compare similar photos

    • Facial Recognition and Keywording

    • and more

  • Develop a systematic way of organizing your photos

  • Find any photos that you want efficiently

  • Learn photo editing and change the mood of your photos:

    • The basics (exposure, contrast, saturation, cropping, curves)

    • Adding filters

    • Split toning

    • Changing the color of the sky

    • Edit individual color

    • Edit multiple photos at the same time with one click

  • Correct and enhance the color tone your photos

  • Application: Learn how to edit scenic and portrait photos; create dramatic effects if you wish

  • Create your own Lightroom presets

  • Small class experience (maximum 6); attendees get to edit photos during the class

  • Bundled Discounts:

    • $50 off when you sign up for Photoshop I & II​ (Use discount code: Photoshop)

    • $80 off when you sign up for Photoshop I & II & the Lightroom Bootcamp (Use discount code PSLR)

  • 5.5 Hours workshop

  • This class will be held twice a year

Bootcamp Date


March 21st, 2020 (Saturday)


Quick Facts

Attendees need to bring their own laptop

Learn center located in San Francisco Financial District 

(535 Mission St, 14th Fl, San Francisco)

Attendees' laptops need to have Adobe Lightroom Classic CC installed



Tuition fee



$50 off if you sign up for Photoshop I & II

(Discount code: Photoshop)

$80 off if you sign up for Photoshop I & II & Lightroom

(Discount code: PSLR)

Lightroom Classic CC vs Photoshop CC

Lightroom saves time and simplifies the workflow when you have to edit many photos, while Photoshop refines individual photo. Photographers usually edit a batch of photos in LR, and then process individual photo in PS.

What are the major advantage of LR over PS?

LR allows you to manage and organize your photos efficiently. You can rate, flag and categorize photos, and then search them by attributes or text.

Lightroom allows batch processing. It is a pain to edit thousands of photos taken in your recent vacation in Photoshop. However, you can retouch all photos at the same time in Lightroom.

What only PS can do?

In Photoshop, you can edit individual photos in a detailed manner. You can slim your subjects, remove unnecessary objects and combine photos.

You can apply layer masks, or even replace the subject with someone else in Photoshop.

In Lightroom, there are a lot of lens filters that add special effects to the pictures. You can apply these filters at the same time to all the photos in the catalog.

Photoshop allows you to add texts and shapes to the photos.

Mastering LR will allow you to professionally edit photos that would WOW your friends.

It is a path to a photography career.



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