Equipment provided for each attendee

San Francisco Classroom, located in the Financial District, the building is one of those with high security.










  1. 4 Days (Monday to Thursday; 10am-4:30pm in days 1-3; ends at 3:30pm in day 4)

  2. One Canon DSLR camera, two lenses and accessories (including SD card) are provided for each attendee.

  3. Learn basics of photography, portrait and landscape photography.

  4. Learn photo editing skills.

  5. Afternoon field trips to Baker Beach (where attendees will see the Golden Gate Bridge), Embarcadero Coastline and Golden Gate Park (including the Japanese Tea Garden).

  6. Learn in modern and comfortable classrooms located in the San Francisco Financial District (535 Mission St, San Francisco CA 94105), 6 mins walk from Embarcadero or Montgomery Bart Station.

  7. Excellent, knowledgeable and responsible instructors who are able to motivate attendees and help them take stunning photos anywhere under any kinds of situations.

  8. Fun, interactive but serious learning. Certificates will be presented for attendees who pass the exams. 

  9. $1,020 (including travel fees to field trip locations, 4 day lunches, entrance fees to Japanese Tea Garden)

  10. Dates: Class A: July 10-13 | Class B: July 17-20 | Class C: July 24-27 | Class D: Aug 7-10 | Class E: Aug 14-17




Hi there! My name is Christina, I am a wedding photographer and a photography educator. I inspire photography learners through effective teachings that work.


6 years ago, I was someone whose life was so dull that I didn't do anything special apart from work and study. One day, my dad gave me a flyer which was a photography course recruitment ad. I signed-up for a basics photography class and it changed my life forever; one year later I became a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and then I taught photography in a the Chinese University of Hong Kong, one of the top universities in Asia. 

Photography is an art that allows young people to express themselves and see the world in a new perspective, it gets them out from their comfort zone to explore the world. I truly believe it is a hobby that changes lives, just like how it changed mine. 

If your kids are interested in photography, sign them up for this wonderful summer photography camp! Plus, we provide a DSLR camera, lenses and accessories for each attendee, which means you don't have to buy expensive cameras for your kids until they experience what photography really is. You'll get to invest in the right equipment if they love photography, rather than buying something that would end up in the closet like those old tap shoes.


1. What to expect in the 4-day camp?

Our goal ​is to help your kids take awesome photos in Manual Mode and creativity through interactive lectures and field trips.

We only live once and you have to be yourself and be brave to express yourself. Photography allows so many opportunities for teenagers to express themselves but before that happens, they need to master the fundamentals. Like all arts, it takes years of practice to master the skill. However, there are some secrets that help learners change their perspectives and learn the settlings of the cameras to adapt to the situation they're in. They will be able to see the difference after the workshop, it's life-changing! Moreover, digital cameras allow immediate review of their work, and improve their skills exponentially. 

The lectures will be held in our learning center which is located in the financial district of San Francisco (see below for the address). We don't like boring talks so the lectures are designed to be interactive, fun and application-oriented. The only hard thing is, we would require all participants to take written exams before and after the course, so that they would see scientifically how much they have learned. If they pay attention in class they would pass the exam!

There will be three field trips during the camp and they have distinct objectives. During the Baker Beach field trip, participants will apply what they have learned in class and take stunning landscape photography (the Golden Gate Bridge). The Golden Gate Park field trip, on the other hand, would focus on taking beautiful portraits under natural light. Participants will take pictures of each other under the guidance of the instructor. Throughout the two field trips, students would be provided with a set of equipment, including a DSLR camera, two lenses and a GND filter that is essential for landscape photography. 

On the last day of the camp, students would have to present their work in front of the class and receive instant critique from the instructor.


2. Who is perfect for the camp?

Teenagers aged from 12-19 and are interested to learn photography.


3. What are the dates?

Class A: July 10-13 (Monday to Thursday) FULL 

Class B: July 17-20 (Monday to Thursday) FULL 

Class C: July 24-27 (Monday to Thursday) FULL

Class D: Aug 7-10 (Monday to Thursday)

Class E: Aug 14-17 (Monday to Thursday)

4. What does a typical class look like?

Day 1 

10am-1pm: Lecture--Fundamental Photography 1 - Understanding your camera and start shooting with a DSLR
1pm-2pm: lunch break
2pm-4pm: Field trip along the Embarcadero Coastline: Ferry Building, Pier 14 and Pier 39 (Getting familiar with the DSLR)
4pm-4:15pm: Return trip
4:15pm: Dismiss at the lobby of Hyatt Regency, Embarcadero 
Day 2 
10am-1pm: Lecture--Fundamental Photography 2; Essentials in Landscape Photography
1pm-2pm: lunch break
2pm-3:45pm: Field trip to Baker Beach (Landscape Photography)
3:45-4:15pm Return trip
4:15pm: Dismiss at the lobby of Hyatt Regency, Embarcadero 
Day 3 
10am-1pm: Lecture--Essentials in Portrait Photography; Photo Editing using Photoshop (Students need to bring their own computers that have Adobe Photoshop installed)
1pm-2pm: lunch break
2pm-3:45pm: Field trip to Golden Gate Park, including the Japanese Tea Garden (Portrait Photography and final assignment)
3:45-4:15pm Return trip
4:15pm: Dismiss at the lobby of Hyatt Regency, Embarcadero 
Day 4
10am-10:30am: Written Examination
10:30-1pm: Students will edit their photos and prepare for the presentation under the guidance of the instructor; Practical Examination 
1pm-2pm: lunch
2pm-3:30pm: Student Presentation and photo critiques 
5. Where is our learning center (lecture venue)?
535 Mission Street, 14th Floor, San Francisco
(located in the financial district, 6 mins walk from Embarcadero or Montgomery Bart Station)
Click here for classroom photos and map
6. What would my kids learn in the lectures?​
  1. Difference of a DSLR camera and a point-and-shoot camera

  2. Getting to know your DSLR camera

  3. Focus Point and shooting a photo

  4. The color that matters--the White Balance.

  5. What do the "numbers" in photography mean: F 3.5-5.6, 1/1000s, ISO 200? Learn the exposure triangles: ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed

  6. Practical knowledge: Application of theory in real life situations

  7. Shooting in M Mode

  8. Photo compositions

  9. Location assessment

  10. Landscape Photography

  11. Portrait Photography

  12. Using wide angle lenses

  13. Using telephoto lenses

  14. Photo editing

  15. Posing a model

  16. Sharing your knowledge, respecting and helping each other 

7. What is provided for each participant during class: 


1) Canon T5 
2) Canon 18-55 F3.5-5.6 lens 
3) Canon 75-300 F4-5.6 lens 

4) GND filter 
5) Camera bag for carrying the equipment around

6) SD Card

7) Lunch (Days 1-4)

8) Ticket fee to the Japanese Tea Garden

9) Travel fees from the classroom to the field trip locations

8. Price

$1,020 (including lunches, travel fees from the classroom to field trip locations and entrance fees)

9. What is the class size?

Each class is limited to 5-10 attendees only to sure each attendee receives sufficient attention from the instructor. The class is small enough to personalize individual interest and goals, and big enough to have fun and learn from each other.

10. Who is the instructor?

Christina Szeto is a HongKong-based wedding and lifestyle photographer who is passionately in love with taking precious moments in people's lives. She has also taught the course "Understanding Life Through Photography" in one of the top colleges in Hong Kong--the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She aroused students' interest in photography through interactive activities and trained them to see ordinary scenes with new perspectives. 95% of her students have continued to pursue advanced education in photography or have significantly improved their skills that would be useful in their daily lives, or even careers.

She recently moved to the States, bringing in her unique experience, passion and teaching skills that would help people take photos from a better angle. Her work can be viewed here.

11. What is not included?

-Computers (Students need to have Adobe Photoshop installed in their computers. If your computers do not have Photoshop, you can go to to download the trial version for free which can last for 14 days.)

12. What Parents Said About Your Previous Holiday Camp?

"My 12-year old son, who has very high expectations, participated in a three-day workshop with Christina and really got a lot out of it. He appreciated how serious and professional Christina was about teaching photography, and her enthusiasm for the subject. In other workshops or camps for kids his age he's found that instructors "dumb it down" or else fail to cover important topics because other kids are causing distractions by goofing around. This was not the case with Christina. I would highly recommend Christina's classes to anyone interested in advancing their photography skills."

-Stephen Z

"My 16 year old daughter just completed a 3 day camp with Christina over the holidays. She not only had a great time, but learned a lot. Christina was fun, knowledgeable, and very patient. On the last day we had car trouble, and Christina stayed 3 hours (!!!)  late just to accommodate my daughter so she could finish her class. That is going above and beyond, and I don't know too many others who would have gone the extra mile. I'm now inspired to take a class with her myself! Definitely recommend her very enthusiastically!"

-Sumati P

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